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Since the pandemic began we have had to pivot how we operate. We made the decision to no longer operate out of the tasting room and move to more intimate tasting experiences, just how we like to do it! 

You will join us for one on one tastings with the Riggs family who own and operate Troika. We will walk you around the winery, show you the production area, and dive into our story of how we got here and our passion for wine.

We do things different, things are personal, you get to ask questions and see a part of tasting wine that is different than most.

The winery is the perfect spot for an afternoon of relaxed, unpretentious wine tasting – a rare departure from the crowded tasting rooms of the main thoroughfares.

We offer different tasting options as well as tours. You can book online by using the button below. 

Please contact us directly for groups over 8+ people or large parties at or (707) 804-9613.


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